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How do I make a donation?

To make a donation to Katie's Helping Hand, click the image below for the hospital of your choice to receive your donation. Once on their website, look for "How to Donate".  Vanderbilt is in Nashvillle, Tennessee, and Cook Children's Hospital is in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Any amount is appreciated.  $5.00 provides a free meal to a parent. 100% of the funds donated go towards food and phone cards. The Mitchell family pays any overhead.

What is the donation process?

You can give to either hospital online through a secure credit card transaction. Each hospital has a separate web site used to make a contribution using a secure online gift form.

Where will my money go?

The money can be used for meals, long distance phone cards, etc. Katie’s only request was that money NOT be used for alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs.

How will money be distributed?

The Nursing staff briefs the parents about the availability of this fund and distributes to parents in need.

Will the donations and expenditures be monitored?

Yes. The donations will be included in the monthly financial statement that is reviewed and monitored by hospital management and the Department of Finance. The Mitchell family also receives a quarterly statement outlining what funds have been spent.

Is this donation tax deductible? If so, how do I get a receipt?

Yes. The donation is tax deductible. KHH falls under each hospital's 501(C)3 status. The funds go directly to the designated hospital. Once a donation is received, the Children’s Hospital selected by you to receive the donation will mail a receipt for tax purposes.

Will Katie know that I have made a donation?

You can post a message on her blog, at her Caring Bridge website.


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